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Division News: 

  • Deadline to submit to our preconference is January 20th. Details are available here:
  • Deadline has passed for ICA 2014. See the Upcoming conference page for more information on the conference.
  • Extra special thanks to the following emergency reviewers who took on papers at the last minute for us:

Seth Goldman

Tien-Tsung Lee

Jason Striker 

Byron Lee 

Richard Mocarski 

Hollis Griffin

Matt Soar

Carolyn Byerly

Vicki Mayer

Sara Mourad

Kristin Gustafson

  • Thank you to our fabulous reviewers for the 2014 conference. 

Noam Gal

Sascha Goluboff

Matthew Heinz

Kai Kohlsdorf

Adam Key

Jungmin Kwon

Minjie Li

Juan Liu

Maite Soto

Jimmie Manning

Alfred Leonard Martin, Jr.

Martina Myers

Nancy Bressler

Pascal Gagné

Laurie Phillips

Eva Reimers

Arnau Roig Mara

Yoel Roth

Katherine Sender

Lukasz Szulc

Tanja Dreher

Chitra Tanwar

Jules Wight 



About the ICA GLBT SIG: 

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies is concerned with the analysis and critique of sexual systems, discourses, and representations, particularly those that animate, inform, and impinge upon the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. Such systems and discourses occur in institutional, community, domestic, and intimate contexts; are closely connected to other social, cultural, and political practices (such as nationalism, education, or popular entertainment); and play a critical role in the formation and communication of individual and group identity.


How to join ICA and the GLBT SIG:

  • To become a member of the International Communication Association, or renew your membership, you can find an application here.
  • To become a member of the GLBT SIG:
    • Sign up with you become an ICA Member or renew your membership
    • If you are already member, you can long into your ICA profile and change your section information here.
Remember, when you become a member your $3 contribution to the GLBT Interest Group goes to travel funding for the recipient(s) of our top student paper award.


 Call for Papers for ICA Annual Conference:

The GLBT Interest Group welcomes quality research in the above areas, using any methodological approach. Papers should not exceed 25 pages, and panel proposals should provide a 400-word rationale for the panel and a 200-word abstract for each participant's contribution. Extended abstracts of 6-8 pages will also be considered, but preference will be given to complete papers and panel proposals. 
You can submit papers for the ICA Annual Conference by logging in here.

 Volunteer to be a Reviewer! 

We need reviewers! Please volunteer to review submissions by adding yourself to the reviewer pool in the paper management system. You can volunteer even if you have not submitted papers to this interest group, or the conference for that matter! When volunteering to review, please be sure to fill out the section about your areas of expertise to help us with the process of matching submissions to reviewers. 

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